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At Lilasuds I have carefully picked out every single ingredient from the highest quality suppliers. Every recipe is thought out with the goal to create a fun, nourishing product for your skin. I like to keep my creativity open, so a thoughtful variety of ingredients is great for that. Here are a few answers to some questions you may have about some of the components I use to create my recipes:
Cruelty free: This is an easy one! I love animals! No furry friends are harmed during the making of our products. In fact, maybe I'll roll out products to keep them clean too! ALL PRODUCTS HERE ARE CRUELTY FREE.
Vegan: While all products are cruelty free, not all of them are vegan. Sometimes I use ingredients like fresh goats milk and honey in my soaps. Make sure to read each product description carefully. If it does not say "Vegan", it's not vegan!
Palm Oil: I ONLY USE RSPO PALM OIL. I fully understand why some companies choose to not use it, but that's why I make sure to ONLY use ethically sourced palm oil. Palm oil works so nicely in my recipes. It makes for a harder and very nourishing bar of soap. What does RSPO mean? No animals are harmed in the process of farming and sourcing. My suppliers are Rainforest Alliance and RSPO certified vendors. You can read a little bit more about sustainable palm oil sourcing here:
Fragrance: While the main purpose of establishing Lilasuds was to create a fragrance free solution for my skin issues, I do offer soaps with fragrance. At Lilasuds I like to offer something for everyone and truth be told, most people can use fragrance in their products. There is a wider range of scents you can achieve with fragrance that you can't with essential oils. Do keep in mind that some people have fragrance sensitivities, so do your research before purchasing and see what works for YOUR skin.
Essential Oils: I do offer soaps made with essential oils. They're a natural scent solution! That being said, do keep in mind that some essential oils can cause skin sensitivity or other effects. For example, did you know that direct contact with too much citrus essential oil on the skin can cause photosensitivity? Some are not recommended to be used while pregnant. That being said, I work within IFRA standards to ensure proper usage of each essential oil in our products. I also use a fragrance/essential oil calculator during recipe formulation to ensure safe usage. Also, it's soap. Let's be honest. It all washes off. Unless it is a stay-on product, the chances of that EO working some strange magic on your skin are very little. If it makes you feel better to use soaps only with EO's, I have options for you too!
Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about our soaps!
I cannot claim any of the ingredients listed will cure any topical conditions. I am not a medical or health professional. The main purpose of soap is to cleanse. While we can list the beneficial properties of the ingredients used in each bar, we cannot make any particular claims about treatment of any skin condition. Please speak with your health care provider prior to using any skin care product, particularly while pregnant and or while nursing.