An oath to you and your self care.

Lilasuds was born out of a promise I made to myself to find a gentle solution for the most important time of my every day routine: my shower time, my daily ritual, my "ME" time. My oath to you is that I promise to create skincare products that honor you. Whether it's through inspiration, formulas created for sensitive skin, ethically sourced ingredients, or invigorating fragrance options, my goal is that through the creative expression of my products you too can find options that reflect your personality so that you can carry that self love into your most sacred time.
You are worthy of quality.
You are worthy of nourishing ingredients.
You are worthy of self praise.
You are worthy of whimsy and creativity. 
Honor your ritual. 
Go get'em, bb. 
My promise to the Lilasuds community:
Lilasuds is a company that champions self love and self care. That love and care I encourage you to give yourself, I also encourage you to pour over into every single person that makes this community. This is a company that celebrates equality, love, racial justice, women empowerment, and inclusivity. Anything that does not adhere to these values is not supported within my company. While Lilasuds is a single woman/latina run company, I hope to continue the work to grow and learn everyday in order to make this a company that serves as a place to celebrate who we are and to honor ourselves. I am always here to listen and to celebrate you.
All my best,
Desirée, Owner Lilasuds LLC