Organizations to Support

Lilasuds is a company that champions self love and self care. That love and care I encourage you to give yourself, I also encourage you to pour over into every single person that makes this community. This is a company that celebrates equality, love, racial justice, women empowerment, and inclusivity. While Lilasuds is a single woman/latina run company, I hope to continue the work to grow and learn everyday in order to make this a company that serves as a place to celebrate who we are and to honor ourselves. I am always here to listen and to celebrate you. Here are some organizations we support in this community:

True Self Foundation

True Self is a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico that actively focuses to provide policy change, legal protection, education, grants and opportunities to people of the trans, non-binay, queer lgbtqi+ community on the island.
Learn more about them here:

Proyecto Matria

Proyecto Matria is a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico that provides victims of domestic violence opportunities for growth and protection. They offer emotional and psychological support, social development opportunities, first necessity items like food and toiletries, homing services, community outreach programs, and legal advisory. 

Learn more about them here: