About Me

My name is Desirée (Deh-see-reh). I was born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico but I have recently re-loated to New Jersey after living in Astoria, Queens in NYC for almost 11 years. I'm a fashion designer and artist. I work as a print and textile designer in the Fashion industry, but after work hours I moonlight as a soap maker and business owner. I love cats, a good audio book, autumn, and making crazy gingerbread houses. When it comes to Lilasuds, it's a one-woman show around here (with the occasional help from my husband)! I have absolutely loved exploring this amazing craft of soap making. It allows me to be creative with ingredients, scents, shapes, colors, and forms. Really, it's an all-in-one kinda gig and I am living for it! I hope you enjoy these products as much as I have loved making them for you. Feel free to send me an email or message whenever!