Poplar Soap Dish
Poplar Soap Dish

Poplar Soap Dish

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Extend the life of your soap with this beautifully handcrafted poplar wood soap dish. It keeps your soap elevated from puddles in your shower and keeps it dry between uses. The sleek, modern design will tie in with any decor.

Care: Every few weeks just rinse out, let dry and re-use!

 **Buy 4 soaps or more and get a free soap dish with code FREEDISH!**

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Once at checkout, use the code FREEDISH to apply the discount. With four or more soaps in your cart, the code will apply!

Limit of 1 per order.

Offer only applies to soaps. Does not apply to bath bombs/bath salts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aleta Patrick
This dish that doesn’t disappoint

Well after all these years I finally bought this soap dish. Thirty year old showers were not designed for soaps like this do the first 2 weeks of I didn’t put the soap in the dish just right it would fall and bang and well my 77 year old Dad would think I fell! It has became a joke as he would tell, did you get a new soap??

Well this dish is the best, my soap dries, my soap stays in place, and best of all my Dad doesn’t know every time I get a new soap!! Lol


A cute, simple soap dish that gets the job done. Very happy with my purchase.

Melanie L
Love it

This is the perfect pair to add with my soap. 😊

And it keeps your soap dry and lasting longer <3

Lily Walker
An ideal, simple soap dish!

This works GREAT for keeping soap bars dry! It's also just a very simple yet visually pleasing design. I may have to buy myself another.

Cristina Moreno
A proper bed for my soap

I'm so happy with this dish! Now my soaps can chill properly and not stick to the tile soap dish in my tub, lol

Helps them last longer and dry between uses too! :P