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Growing Pains

Hi, all! We need to have a chat about something that I have been dreading to chat about, but is super important: Business Growing pains aka pricing changes. Gah! There it is! *cringey face* I'm not sure if some of you have noticed, but pricing has been going up slightly compared to what I started with in February. I am little by little trying to get to my goal pricing. Here's why: When I started Lilasuds LLC I had ZERO idea on how to manage a business. I went with the flow and unfortunately that's something that isn't bulletproof when it comes to the sustainability of your business. I made the classic mistake many soap makers / businesses make and...

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Coming in September!

September is full of incredibly fun soaps! It's my birthday month and to start off this launch we have: BIRTHDAY GIRL! The perfect blend of moist white cake and hurt-your-teeth sweet butter cream vanilla frosting. Topped with handmade soap dough sprinkles, neon chunky cats and a dollop of soapy frosting.   DREAMCATCHER This magical soap has an enchanting blend of lavender and citronella essential oils. Starry and celestial sprinkled with biodegradable glitter with soap dough dreamcatchers in every bar, this is one of my all time faves.   DETOX Detox is one of Lilasuds' best seller! This facial bar is formulated for the most sensitive skins. It is 100% fragrance free. It has activated charcoal, argan oil, vitamin e oil, french...

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