Just FYI, I'm getting married! *Shop break and shipping updates*

Photography by Jessica Manns photography -> https://jessicamannsphotography.com/
Hey, all! I wanted to set some important dates with you all since I know we're in the middle of Holiday madness now. 
First I wanted to thank every single person who placed an order this Black Friday. I am so thankful for everyone's support! There is plenty in the store to shop until the holidays. I don't believe I will be doing any more sales for a bit, so I'm glad many were able to shop in the Black Friday sale. 
Second: As many of you know, I am getting married VERY soon. I'm talking like in a week soon! Before anybody asks about my nerves, they're fine. I'm not nervous. I'm extremely excited and happy!
What does this mean for Lilasuds. It means that during December 5-11 customers will be able to place orders, but they will not be shipped until after the 11th. I will be busy with wedding prep and away for my minimoon. Also, the weekend of the 14th, some close friends will also be getting married so orders will not go out in my usual one day turnaround time. But not to worry, they will be in time for your holiday gifting!
Holiday cut-off date: So, in order for you to make sure to get your holiday gifts in time for December 25th, below are the cut-off dates for shopping:
Mainland US: DECEMBER 20
Puerto Rico residents: DECEMBER 18
International: DECEMBER 16
January:  There will be no January launch.  Your girl needs a break! Not only that, but January production would have coincided with crucial wedding planning so I decided January was a good break. Also, it's right after holidays so I'm sure everyone is recuperating from gift shopping in December! I will be back in February with a Valentine's collection.
Speaking of collections, I am looking to narrow down a permanent collection for the shop and do more limited seasonal launches. That way you can get your hands on your favorites all year long and splurge on a wild card scent every month! I think it will help me manage production better and be smarter about it.
I have so many different ideas for next year but I shall keep you posted as I go.
Talk to you all soon!
Engagement photo by @jessicamannsphotography


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