Halloween: Coming in October!

To say I'm excited about this launch is a severe understatement. I have been planning this one since I opened Lilasuds. Halloween is my most favorite time of the year (with the holidays taking second place). I REALLY get into the Halloween spirit. For this collection I decided to go with a witch theme. Rather, witch twists on a few classics. That being said, this collection is extremely limited as it is a seasonal collection.


Gourdie has the most charming toothy grin and the sweet scent to compliment it. Scented in pumpkin pie spice it has mouthwatering notes of freshly baked pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and a hint of lemon peel. 

And if you didn't get the pun in the name, Gourdie is named as such because pumpkins are gourds.



In Greek mythology the Graeae, also called the Grey Sisters, and the Phorcides, were three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among them. Their names were Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo.  They were the daughters of the sea gods Phorcys and Ceto, and sisters of the Gorgons. They took turns using their eye and their tooth. They appeared in the myth of Perseus, who was trying to find out where three magical objects were located, in order to kill Medusa. He went to the Graeae's cave, and stole their eye. He then told them he would return it if they told him where the three objects were. 

 Scent notes include coconut, fresh cotton, daylily, musk and salt. 


A witch has got to eat, right? A classic Halloween treat wrapped in neon swirls is a must! Scented in well, candy corn scent! Duh! All these little treats are 100% soap.


Everyone's favorite familiar is here! With glow in the dark eyes and pointy ears, this is definitely the type of black cat you want crossing your path! Scented in sweet black raspberry vanilla notes.


Potions, and crystal balls and books, oh my! Welcome to the witch's lair, where she keeps all her deepest and darkest enchantments. Here she keeps all her ingredients for her secret potions, all her recipes that are tried and true. Tread lightly! She just might bewitch you (cause she smells so frickin’ great)!

Each bar of Brujeria (broo-heh-ree-ah- witchcraft in Spanish) has its own little scene direct from the most mystical room in the witch's house. Maybe you'll get a crystal ball and sage smudge stick, or a little skull here or there. Some books, some flowers, you name it. Everything this witch needs to make magic happen is in these bars.  Brujeria is scented with notes of dried oranges, apples, roses, musky dried grapevines, sprigs of rosemary and bits of clove. Yes, witch! Also, the symbol of the goddess also... glows in the dark! 



In most magical traditions there is the belief of a non-physical reality between life and death. An eternal world of summer where souls could rest peacefully and create their own paradise. It’s called Summerland. It’s a cross-over realm where energies co-exist.

Summerland comes in two scents: sweet pumpkin pie spice (black) and in a bewitching blend of apples, dried oranges, clove, dried grapevines and musk (purple). These bars are smaller, guest sized bars. A perfect little add-on to your Halloween shopping! Each little tombstone is hand molded.



River Styx is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the journey into Hades. Payment needed to be given to the Charon in order to board the boat into the underworld. If payment was not sufficient, your soul would be damned to wander with no direction in the waters of the Styx. Scented in lavender, apples and oak.

River Styx is a collaboration with Sorcery Soap. Check out the making of this soap HERE.

Don't miss out on the Halloween collection coming to you October 1st at 8pm EST here on lilasuds.com

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  • Lisa MILLS

    Desiree never disappoints! From concept to research and execution her themes are flawless. Her soap art is so beautiful that I cut off small pieces to use so I keep the design intact.
    I am astounded by the luxurous feel and sensuous smell of her products. They definitely arouse all your senses!

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